Easy Setup

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After installation follow the below steps to start downloading the data from Google Maps!

Enter your email and password to login

You will receive a temporary password to the email used in purchase form within 24 hours. Use it to login and you will be asked to change it in the first time.

Enter Google Places API Key

Click on key icon to open the box, then click it again after adding your key to confirm it.

Get Places IDs.

Your first step toward Google Maps data is to Get the places IDs. Add as many keywords to 'Add Keywords' column, add coordinates of your target location to 'Add Coordinates' column, select 'Normal' or 'Hybrid' mode, increase throttling speed to upto 100 record/second and finally click 'Get IDs'.

Get Places Details

Click on 'Choose IDs File' and select CSV file with IDs saved from the last step, or IDs downloaded from available IDs at our website. Check Get Photos' box if you want to download places photos from Google Maps. You can rename photos and limit the count of downloaded photos. Finally, click on 'Get Places Details' button to start.

Important Instructions

Get IDs
Get Data
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Special Offer

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