Install & Login

How can install the software and login?

After completing your purchase, you will be directed to customer dashboard where you can download your copy of the software. Just click on setup file in software package and it will be installed. Then, you will receive a temporary password to the same email used in purchase process within 24 hours of your order. Use your email and that password to login to the software. Make sure to use a valid working email. You will be asked to create a new password the first time you login.

How can I change my password or what if I forgot my password?

Use ‘Forgot My Password’ to create new password anytime. You will need to enter verification code sent to your registered email each time you use ‘Forgot My Password’ option.

Can I install this software on more than one machine?

Single license allows you to use this software on one machine. However, you can install it on many machines, but you can login in just one at a time. Trying to login again to the software while it’s running on the same machine or another one will close the running software and continue with the new login.


Google Places API Key

How can I get my Google Places API Key?

To start getting places data and images from Google Maps, you need to have active Google Places API. You can get it by creating a Google Cloud account, adding a billing account to it then connect your Google Places API to that billing account. First, enable a billing account at Google Cloud Platform. Follow steps here to create and attach a billing account, and these two videos here and here to get your Places API Key.

How will Google charge me for using their Places API Key?

Google gives you an initial $300 free trial balance to use in your first year plus $200 of free credits each month. You must upgrade the billing account you created at your Google Cloud account in order to use the App without interruption after consuming the free monthly credits.

When Google charge me for my usage?

Google will not charge you in-advance and you can use the API to download data without any limits. If you consumed more than free credits, Google will try to charge you at the end of each month. If Google failed to charge your Card, your billing account may be suspended.

How much data I can download with your software?

Using the software, you can download more than 7 million places details each 24 hours. Google Places API allows you to search/download data at 100 records per second with unlimited daily or monthly usage.


Running Software 

What is the difference between ‘Normal Mode’ and ‘Hybrid Mode’?

If you select ‘Normal Mode’, the App will search for all keywords at all locations added.

If you select ‘Hybrid Mode’, the App will search for each keyword at the location coordinates in front of it only. The number of keywords and coordinates in this case must be the same.

Can I search for places with only places names?

Yes, you can use the tool by adding keywords ONLY without adding any coordinates. This is useful if you have list of places names/address and want to find all the details of such places.

What is throttling feature in your software and how to use it?

You can increase throttling upto 100. That means the App will run at 100 record per second speed. Do NOT increase over that as Google servers will block requests that is over 100 per second. If you have special offer from Google that allow you over 100/second, then you can increase.

It is recommended to keep throttling a little below 100/second and keep it at 98/second if you are running it on powerful machine. If you will download photos then keep it at 90/second.

Where will the data be downloaded?

You will be asked to select where to save data on your disk when you click on ‘Get IDs’, make sure that there are enough space on your partition.

How to get places photos as well?

If you checked ‘Get Photos’ box, the App will download upto 10 photos for each place. Do not increase photos more than 10 as this is the max available from Google servers.

If you checked ‘Get Photos’ box, make sure to lower throttling to 90 records per second or below.

Shall I use powerful computer machine?

Not at all, no need to use super powerful machine with lots of RAM or powerful CPU, your regular computer or laptop shall do the job. It’s recommended to use high speed internet and SSD disks if you are downloading photos.

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