Google Maps Business Leads Data

With a daily capacity of 7 million records, this application uses Google Places API to bring 150 million Google places data and images worldwide to your hand.


Exceptional features not anywhere else

100 Record per Second
+7 million a day

Throttling speed at 100 API download per Second with a speed control feature. That means over 7 million Place data daily.

Up to 10 Images per Record

The tool helps you you control the count of images you plan to save up to 10 images.

Two Search Modes

You can search with keywords for names only or search in specific locations cities or countries.

150 Million Record Available

Each record comes with all available data at Google Maps like name, address details, Geocodes, 5 different reviews, phone, website and other data fields.

Google Maps Places Miner

Simple yet Powerful

Valuable Maps Results
Super Speed
Great Support

Explore free resources and sample data

With these free resources, you will take the most advantages possible from our software.

  • Free resources: We have collected millions of Google Maps places IDs that will make using this software much easier. You can download whatever resources you like from our resources page and directly use our software to get the details of such places updated from Google Maps.
  • Sample data: You will also find at our resources page a sample file of the data fields details that you can get from Google Maps for each place.
  • Free Global GEO locations: You will also find files for all global Latitude and Longitude data with fields for country, city and other details. This will help you much while using our software to search for any keyword at any city worldwide.

We are always happy to help you

PlacesApps team is always here to help, hear out your opinion, and discuss your ideas for future implementation. Your feedback makes our software better. Feel free to suggest and ask!

  • FAQ: Got a question? Check if we already have an answer for it.
  • Resources: You can find a lot of free resources at our resources page that will enrich your experience with our software. You can always ask support team for any addithonal resources.
  • Feedback: Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas, each opinion is heard.
Compare with other Google Maps solutions.

Ways to get Google Maps data


Other Tools

Browser extensions / Desktop Apps

Data Providers

Fixed price / One-time download

Our Google Maps App

Desktop App / Windows

Millions of daily downloads
Easy to learn
Search by keywords only
Multi-thread support
Up-to-date data
Photo renaming
Error reporting
Real-time stats of progress
Run in local machine
IP hassle free
Fixed price & unlimited data
Customer support

Hyper-threading Technology

With Hyper-threading technology, the tool works as if it were as powerful as 100 computers combined. It will save data at high speed at 100 records per second. This means more than 7 million records a day.

  • Over 7 million Google Maps data record a day
  • Huge free library of Google IDs
  • Unlimited use on any machine
  • Seamless install on new machines
  • Dedicated support team
Our Clients.

World-class service

World-class service with our support team and beyond product help. We help our client make the most uses of our software and data scraped from Google Maps.

You have a question?

Email support is available from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern time.

PlacesApps provides Places and Maps data solutions globally. Our services help maps-related startups, data-driven businesses, and many more.

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